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Healthy never tasted better

Feel like indulging?

You won't forget your first spoon !



Why it’s so gooooooood ?

It's really simple.

We want each spoonful to feel like the huggiest ice cream you could have.


Our gelatos are designed by a wonder brain, and made by masters of the craft in Veneto, Italy.

We unearthed ingredients from Asia and beyond, for that richness in flavour and texture.

Age-old technique, modern adaptation.

East & West. Not just in the head.

We are here for that burst of happiness, spoonful after spoonful.


Meet our gelato Maestro

"Il Professore" is the wonder brain materialising the gelatos that we dream up.

He is a much loved and admired grandfather figure, in our team and in the Italian gelato and confectionery communities.

Young at heart, Il Professore conjured recipes fit for a modern lifestyle, with a nutritional balance low in sugar and rich in protein. 

How to indulge?


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