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Our Flavours

Discover our creations.

From our imaginations (and Il Professore's brains) to your moments.

Feel like indulging?
You won't forget your first spoon !

Explore our low sugar, low calorie, high protein gelatos, that are created by a gelato wonder brain and made in Italy!

Open Sesame
Bubblely Hills
Gingerly Chocolate
Seriously Chocolate
Takes-one-to Mango
Goood Morning Vietnaaam!
The Coco Carat
Mucho Matcha
King Don't Lie Musang King Durian
La Vie en PINK
Mango Goes Coco

Our brand new line, created for the ones among us who are plant-based and dairy-free, and still want the healthy low sugar, low calorie treats!

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